Why Naked Presenting?

Welcome to the Naked Presenting blog – my personal musings about presenting and speaking. Whether you speak for business or pleasure, whatever your topic, whoever is in your audience, however long you speak for, this blog will inform, involve and inspire you to improve your presentation skills.

What is Naked Presenting?

Cartoon stick figure in the nudeNaked Presenting is simple, elegant, powerful.

It’s about being yourself, about sharing the very best of who you really are with others.

Naked Presenting recognises that you and what you know are enough. Enough to make a real difference in the lives of other people.

Naked Presenting is stripping out the unnecessary and saying what needs to be said. Stripping out unnecessary technology, or lecterns that can distract your audience or get in the way. Stripping away the paraphernalia that stop you being yourself on stage, whether that’s your logo on every slide, corporate jargon, a rigid format, or just beliefs about what a presentation is or is not.

It’s about getting the story right, so that you deliver a strong message that forms the very heart of the conversation – not the slides, not the technology, not the notes pages, not the handouts nor any of the other things that are seen as presenting, but aren’t.

Naked Presenting is all about the conversation – between you, the presenter, and some others, the audience.

Naked Presenting is on a Mission

Presentations have a bad reputation and in some cases deservedly so.  Hundreds of PowerPoint slides filled with text, bullet points and corporate logos aren’t what your audience needs.  If your slides say it all, then why are you even there?

I’m on a mission to rewrite the rules and prove that presentations can be:

  • as desirable as tickets to a pop concert
  • as exciting as watching Cirque du Soleil
  • as life-affirming as listening to a gospel choir

Naked Presenting is dedicated to helping you create presentations that are exciting, involving, creative and fun.