Are You a Wing Walker When You Are Networking?

Life is a rush.  But is that really the last impression you want people to take away when they meet you at a networking event?

Wing Walkers are the dare-devils of the networking world. They live in heady rush and thrive off the adrenalin of doing things at the last minute.  How to spot if you are a Wing Walker….

  • Is Your Hair is Tousled by the Wind?
  • Do uou turn up at the event without a notebook, pen or even your business cards?
  • Do you constantly ask questions about what happens next?
  • Do you leave before the event is even half finished because you have a clashing appointment?
  • Do you attend each network just the once, with a flash and dash style?

The impression Wing-Walkers create is that they are slapdash, disorganised and distracted.
Is that the message you want people to remember about you and your business?








How to Stop Yourself Going Out on a Limb…

Networking is not about trying every event in your region once. Only choose those events where you can commit to going regularly, so that you really get to know, like and trust the people there.  Because until people really get to know you, they won’t refer work to you or buy from you.

So be selective in which groups you attend.  Think:

  • Will I meet the right sort of people here who will really add to my network?
  • Is it a good time for me – is a business breakfast a time of day when I will SHINE?
  • Do I want business in this geographical location?

Preparing to Fly

When you’ve booked an event that’s a good fit, then take time to prepare…

  • What do you want to achieve at this event?
  • Who are you looking to get to know? Ask for a list of the attendees, do some research and highlight people you really want to get to meet
  • Mine for Your Business Diamond so you know what to say when people ask “What do you do?”
  • Arrive early and initiate conversations – be interested in people
  • Book plenty of time in your diary so that you can stay to the end

Get organised, create a plan, do your research, review your results and keep going until it starts to pay off – which may take several months.