It Is Not Just About the Pink Hair

That Friday Feeling

Sky has noticed a few subtle signs that Lucy might be looking forward to her weekend.  But why is this?  Why should weekends be any more fun than weekdays?  What if your “work” was as much fun as your weekends?

Whilst this is called “Pink Hair Moments” it’s not just about her hair.  Lucy has pink hair in bunches.  Don’t ask me why – it’s how I drew her years ago without really thinking why.  Her hair is part of who she is.  It reflects her personality, her quirky weirdness.  It gives me licence to send her on mad adventures and wherever she goes, she is instantly recognisable.  For a stick figure, she stands out (and with just a circle for head and a few lines for a body, that is no mean feat).

Her hair is just an expression of her personality.  It is her personality which draws people to her, or puts them off.  And putting people off is fine too.  I was talking to Lee from Welshot Imaging at a conference, where I was speaking on “How to be Unforgettable”.  She said this fantastic line:

I want to learn to be me, without putting anyone off“.

Oh, how I feel the tension in that phrase.  I was gentle with her and asked her “Which one did you really want, Lee?”  Because by being herself, she was going to put some people off, and that is okay.

Not everyone likes me.  I once delivered a high energy talk on Inspiration (my titles have improved since those days), and someone during the break said “Are you always like this?  I would find it exhausting” That put me in my place! My website has pink and purple.  A fellow speaker once cautioned me that it was too “girly”.  Word Up – I am girly.  I like pink and purple.  I like quirky.  I am marmite.  I tried changing to attract more clients and I just got lost in the crowd.

So here I am.  Proud to be pink, proud to draw Lucy and being “paid to play” (my new definition of work).

Anyway, back to the idea in hand….

How can you make your weekdays as much fun as your weekends?