Emma Sutton, Queen of Diamonds

Emma uses her unique Diamond to help business professionals to identify, polish and express their own Diamonds with simple messages that are clear, powerful and memorable.

Using simple, powerful strategies, Emma helps presenters and individuals to share the very best of what they do to audiences large and small.

If you are in business and you want to get a WOW when you answer the question “What do You Do”, or you have to present at a team meeting, Emma’s simple unique ‘SPARK Process’ can help. Just five simple steps will change the way that you talk, so that you get a WOW and people can’t wait to tell others about you and your topic.

Keynote Speeches

If you want to find out more about my hottest keynote speech: “Discover Your Business Diamond so that You and Your Business Shine.  How to Stand Out in a Crowded Room” then download my speaker profile here:

Emma Sutton, Queen of Diamonds, Speaker Profile

The five SPARK steps include:

  • Creating powerful Stories that are easily told and easily shared
  • Picking your Diamond – the ONE thing your audience really needs to hear
  • Involving you Audience with ASK Adventures that’ll never be forgotten
  • Designing Remarkable Resources that create a real buzz in your audience
  • Knowing the Flow – from the first to the last thing you say when you present

If you’re a business person who needs to get others interested and talking about your business, then the SPARK Process will teach you:

“How to Get a WOW When You Answer the Question What Do You Do”


If you’re a presenter with a topic to share, then the SPARK Process will help you:

“Make Any Topic So Exciting That Your Audience Can’t Wait to Tell Others”

The SPARK Process has already had amazing results!

  • A client cut the preparation time for her one-day construction law course from one week to one day (and that’s just using the Diamond bit!)
  • Helped to transform a stranger into a client with a talk that lasted just five minutes
  • Created an innovative cartoon on cancer that generated 2500 views through social media
  • Delivered such a powerful story that the 200 people who saw it shared it through twitter with 300 people in just one week

Contact Me . . . .

I can help you to take your amazing Diamond and craft it into a powerful presentation or workshop.  So if you want to get a WOW whether your networking or presenting, then you want to start using the SPARK Process!

Contact me, Dr Emma Sutton, at if you want help creating presentations and workshops that are inspiring, exciting, memorable and life-affirming!