How to Get a WOW!

When You’re Asked “What Do You Do?”

Do You Want More Business?

Then you need a GREAT answer to the question
“What Do You Do?”
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You are amazing and talented.

But maybe you find it difficult to express yourself when people ask you “What Do You Do?” You’re not sure if people really get what it is you do, or if they can explain it to others, and because you don’t know how to change it, you do what everyone else does and tell people your name, job title and where you work. But that’s not the way to WOW!

Is This You?

  • Do you want your business to stand out and SHINE?
  • Are you stuck trying to decide what you should say when people ask “What do You do?”
  • Do you want more confidence in talking about your business and how you make a difference?
  • Do you want people to be able to easily talk about your business and refer clients to you?
  • Do you want to WOW people when you tell people what it is that you do?

How Can I Get a WOW?Lucy is explaining Rocket Science

It’s not rocket science (sorry Lucy).

All you need is some SPARK!

SPARK stands for the 5 simple steps to getting a WOW that you’ll learn if you enter your details and download the amazing: “How to Get a WOW When You’re Asked What Do You Do?

How to Get a WOW will:

  • Give you a simple yet powerful way to help people remember you for much much longer
  • Help you focus on what makes you different, on your unique genius, your Diamond
  • Inspire you to ditch the brochures and flyers for something much more exciting
  • Get your audience hooked from the very first words you say
  • Have people listening begging you to tell them more…

I’m Emma Sutton, Queen of Diamonds and it’s my mission to help people like you to find your ‘Diamond’ and share it, so that you and your business stand out. Are you ready for WOW and to become THE expert in your field?

What They Are Already Saying About “How to Get a WOW!”

Richard McCann (an amazing inspirational speaker) said “Love it, so simple. I wish I had read this years ago

Several people suggested that I’ve put too much great stuff into this book and should be charging for it. But I believe in paying it forward, so here it is as my gift to you!

You’re Just One Click Away from WOW!

Image of the book "How to get a WOW When Asked What Do You Do"


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