Image of Stick Figure Lucy in Invisible Ninja OutfitHave you ever felt invisible?  As if no-one is really noticing you?

Do you find marketing frustrating, because you don’t really know what to say to get people saying “WOW!“?

Have you ever met someone a few times and they still can’t remember your name or what you do? record is meeting someone FIVE times in 6 months and she still had no idea what I did, which is what started Pink Hair Moments..

If you’re in business you need to get noticed, but finding out what makes you different is sometimes an outside job.


Group of Stick Figures Looking SimilarFor years I perfected the art of being a Ninja (and not the cool version either but by being invisible) and I didn’t have enough clients to keep going.  If something didn’t change soon, I was going to have to get (du, du, duuuuu) a JOB (boo, hiss).

What was I doing wrong?

In a nutshell: I wasn’t being myself.  I was trying really hard to fit in; to be a traditional business woman (baaaa), wearing black suits (ugh), even saying the same things as everyone else (yawn).  Not only was I increasingly unhappy being this fake me, but being the same as everyone else was making me forgettable.  In a BIG way (and broke in a big way too!)

Lucy Diamond - Adventurer


And I guess it was when I had nothing much to lose that I finally thought “*** this” and decided to just start being me and enjoying my life more.  As I played around, I invented a stick figure to talk about breast cancer and she eventually morphed into the lovely Lucy Diamond (my cartoon stick figure)  – a perfect expression of me.

Do you want to find out what makes you unique and quirky? Would you like to explore the world of having fun and being yourself whilst also attracting great clients who love you and what you do to your business?

Me too.  Then come on an adventure and discover your Pink Hair Moments

There’s Treasure in This Here Website (oo ar)

On the menu at the top of the screen is a link to Treasure.  It’s a page packed with free stuff that will help you embrace your Pink Hair and live a fun, quirky life.

For regular insights into Pink Hair Moments then click on LUCY – she’s the star of my blog.  She creates fabulous insights with her mischievous, unconventional nature.