Get More Clients with ‘Once Upon a Time..’

Four Steps to Stories That Make Your Business Unforgettable



Is This You?

  • Do you want to grab people’s attention when you talk about what you do?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd?
  • Would you like more people to be able to easily tell others about your business?
  • Do you want more clarity, more confidence and more clients?


When You’re Just Not Getting Enough Clients…

The people I meet are passionate about what they do – they love making a difference. But they are not natural salespeople.

Do the people you meet when you’re out networking totally get what it is that you do and how you could help them? Are you getting the steady stream of clients you would like? Finding the words to describe what you do in a way that is simple, elegant, eloquent – that might not be your area of expertise. But that’s okay, because it is mine.

What if there was a simple, powerful and memorable way to talk about what you do so that people could instantly get it?

Not only that, but they could easily and quickly tell others about it.

Well there is – and the way to do it is by telling a story.

Why Stories Work

Telling stories about what you do takes the focus off you – you’re not selling yourself directly – and puts it firmly on the clients you have already worked with.

Simple, powerful stories of how you have already helped someone.

You will stand out because no-one else has ever worked with Julie or John and had the same results. Automatically, your stories make your business unique.

You don’t need to spend any more money marketing your business. You just need people to remember what you say and be able to tell others about you.

But what do I know?

Well I spent years having people glaze over and say pleasant things about my business, without anyone buying. Yet the minute I started to tell stories, everything changed. From getting zero clients from networking, suddenly 100% of my clients came from it. Just by changing the way I talked about what I did.

People got what it was that I did and how I could help. I started getting referrals of work. It mad me sad that lovely people with great businesses and great ideas weren’t getting the clients they needed to succeed.

So I started teaching this to others, and their businesses changed too. More interest. More clients. Every time.

Joanne really dreaded networking – she felt that people thought bookkeeping was dull and would just glaze over. By telling stories about a client who hated spending two days a week doing their books which she could do in just one-quarter of the time, by talking about what she really brought to her clients as the Bookkeeping Detective, the very next time she went networking she got a new client. One year on, Joanne is busy, busy.

Just Four Simple Steps

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“Once Upon a Time” will

  • Give you a simple yet powerful way to help people remember you for months, if not years
  • Get your audience hooked from the very first words you say
  • Have them nodding as they recognise the story you are telling
  • Help people to easily share what you do with others
  • Have people come up to you afterwards saying “I know someone who needs your help

I’m Emma Sutton, Queen of Diamonds and it’s my mission to help people like you to find your ‘Diamond’ and share it, so that you and your business stand out.

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